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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Baile Crunk

After the funk overdose of the last couple weeks, I got a São Paulo injection from the lovely Zuzuka Poderosa, sharing some tracks by her friend MC Anão.

There are some pretty direct cops of popular hip-hop beats with a Carib sabor:

While Anão tackles the ever-popular topic of bling here, I'm more fond of "Sem Floresta." The track's menacing synths, counter-balanced by steel drum hits, reveal not more thug swagger, but the simple declaration, "Eu sei que todo mundo gosta de comer bem" (I know everyone likes to eat well.)

I know the Sampa restaurant scene is hopping, but they really go all out on the roll call:
"filé cubana, comida mineira, comida baiana /
comida chinesa, comida mexicana, comida japonesa, comida italiana /
eu como eu como eu como, eu vou comer de novo"

I eat, I eat, I eat, I'm gonna eat again. Gives new meaning to gangsta grillz. Gangsta churrasco?

p.s. Don't sleep on the other Brazilian hip-hop incarnations. Masala and Maga Bo up on some real deal Brazilian dancehall.

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