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Friday, December 08, 2006

Climbing the Family Tree

wayne&wax follows up his first crunk genealogy, which served as a heuristic into his inimitable electronic music class, with a sequel: the appropriately-titled another crunk genealogy (direct to download here).

He did so at the behest of the Blogariddims podcast, now on #11 of their series that attempts to answer the age-old question: Which takes longer, listening to the mix or reading the commentary?

Only joking of course, as I'm more than flattering to find in wayne's extended analysis a tune that I dropped on the blog, Beat Club's "Security Remix", when his crunk wanderings creep down the Atlantic littoral to R-i-o. Glad I could contribute to marking up that map of the "Americas."

Who knows, maybe there will be a royalty check coming for me too.

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