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Friday, July 20, 2007

Piracy Funds . . . Giant Flashing Spaceships

Up in the Amazon, music so hot "Sometimes, by the time it's being sold on the streets, it's already gone out of fashion." (via Masala) There are audio samples on the page, plus Reasoner, lately of Home Taping, claims to have some brega on her 3rd mix from back in the day.

Can't say I've heard much about Amazônia down here. I could be back in the States by the time it would take me to get up there.

I do know something about another Brazilian penchant for free culture, namely Tropicália legend Gilberto Gil, now Minister of Culture.

He played here a little over a week and a half ago as part of the Live Earth spectacle. 70,000 jockeying for a chance to see Lenny Kravitz on Copacabana Beach? No thank you.

I prefer the intimacy of free beer.

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At 7/21/2007 1:02 PM, Blogger wayne&wax said...

nice work! sweet links. (but a bunch of them are broken, FYI)


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