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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

South South Bronx [ed. Northwest South]*

Buried in a thesis avalanche and will come up for air sometime after the magic date of March 14. Made it home from Carnaval in one piece, sem passaporte (another story), and Beija-Flor took the win.

Closer to home, some curious real estate wheelings&dealings -- over an affordable housing rec room. Mitchell-Lama, the unsung hero of hip-hop? The comments, if anything, are as interesting as the story. New York bias, Chicago inferiority complex, Bronx vs. Jamaica, it's all the Republicans fault . . . a classic NYC soapbox.

Not something you see everyday on a prominent NYT page.

P.S. See where the 1520 Sedgwick "rec room" led -- support artists in Rio and deepen your funk crates with some vinyl that can only be described as sinĂ­stro, mano: Funkeiros e Progresso EP

Massive CD with knowledge jewels galore dropping soon, more info when it arrives.

*Thanks to commenter Richard S. for correcting my geography.

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At 3/13/2008 3:18 PM, Anonymous Richard S. said...

Hi. Nice hip-hop reference in the title, but if you're talking about 1520 Sedgwick, "South South Bronx" is geographically incorrect. 1520 Sedgwick is West Bronx, about two miles northwest of anything that would really be considered South South Bronx. (I don't even think it's South Bronx. Some people started calling half of The Bronx the South Bronx by about the late '70s, but I don't think that's correct, and if this ever was the South Bronx to anyone, it was still definitely Northwest South Bronx.)

I lived in the South South Bronx in 2006-2007. I would say South South Bronx is below 149 St. (I lived at 136th St.)

I also lived in the West Bronx - well, borderline West Bronx toward central Bronx - when I was a child - that was at 184th St. and Tiebout.

So, even though this may be a minor/silly point, I had to mention it, because you're talking about my home town.


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