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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Having ducked out of Rocinha under cover of bullets (ok, a gross exaggeration, but last Thursday was fucked up regardless), I've taken a temporary reprieve from Rio, trying to do some of the travel I never made it around to last summer. This week finds me in Buenos Aires, where I'll be dropping some beats at the behest of everyone's favorite Slovenian philosopher, which is also an NY Times-approved rager.

Niceto Club
Niceto Vega 5510, Palermo
24 hs.
Entrada: $10 de 00 a 02hs, después $15

El 8 de Agosto
DJs Residentes: Villa Diamante -- NIM -- G-Love
VJ Residente: Lucas DM
DJs Convidados: Scruggs aka Gregzinho -- Loder

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