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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Blaze Habs Blaze

A cold spring weekend up north drives away all thoughts of baseball. Instead, my mind turns to Lord Stanley's Cup. Hockey is the sport I grew up with, and I relish it all the more for its current underdog status on the American sporting scene. As a francophile (and more of francophonie than of France), hockey makes me all the more fond of Québec, and Montréal in particular. The Habs (short for Habitants, we were here first) -- né Canadiens -- are easily the most storied professional team in North America. And when their fans belt out the bilingual "O Canada" at home on a nationally televised game, there's an audible flash of French broadcast across North America, a rare enough occurrence.

But it's do or die for les Glorieux tonight against the reincarnation of the Broad Street Bullies. The Habs barely made it past the Boston Bruins in game 7 -- the two teams having duked it out more than any other pair in North American sports.

They've got some encouragement on the beat front of course. I've slept a little on mon pôte Ghislain Poirier's No Ground Under, especially the video for it's lead single, "Blazin." Chunky bass meets ice hockey and transnational migration, what more could I ask for?! Does kreyol have a word for puck yet?

Maybe the B's got the last laugh, though:
Ghislain Poirier - Blazin (DJ C Remix).

And don't miss the Québécois rework of Flo-Rida's "Low" en français!

Here's hoping that they'll still be chanting "Go Habs Go" after tonight and the Montréalais will crank out a few more re-edits for the great white dirty north.

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